How to calculate exercise energy expenditure – SECOND PART –

In the exercise physiology’s field, energy can be presented using several ways, such as absolute oxygen consuption (L*min or ml*min), Relative Oxygen Consumption (ml*Kg*min), Metabolic Equivalent (MET), and Kilocalories. Oxygen consumption is the rate at which oxygen is used by the body and it can be expressed in both absolute and relative oxygen consumption. Absolute Oxygen Consumption is the raw volume of oxygen consumed by the body, whereas relative oxygen consumption is the volume of oxygen consumed relative to the body weight and can serve as a useful measure of fitness between individuals. METs present the energy cost of the exercise in a simple format that can be understand by the general population to gauge exercise intensity, 1 MET is equal to the relative oxygen consumption at rest, which is approximately 3,5 ml*kg*min, so, if an individual is working at 7 MET, it’s completing approximately 7 times the amount of work and using 7 times the amount of energy of that at rest. METs can be used to calculate energy expenditure over time: Kcal*min= (MET * Body mass in Kg * 3,5)/200 Now that we know all the unit of measure used to assess exercise’s energy expenditure we can understand


How to calculate exercise energy expenditure

One of the most common subject in exercise physiology consist to assess or estimate caloric consumption during and after both physical activity and physical exercise. It’s a complex massive topic that gather a lot of subjects, like math, physic, physiology; each of them are a part of a complex mechanism which is human body that might be compared to a big watch, where if all the components are not in balance with each other the whole system collapse. First to immerge ourselves into the magic world of the human physiology it is important to understand some physical concept; that’s why I will talk about the Calorie. A Calorie is Defined as the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1°C (now usually defined as 4,1868 Joules). It’s important talking about calories because regardless of ours goals, that may be losing weight, body weight maintenance, or just know our daily energy consumption to check our well-being, counting calories is still considerate the main tool to manage these components properly. It is inevitable that talking about calorie may lead to the concept of the Total Energy Expenditure (TEE). TEE is the total number of calories expended each


6 MINUTES WALKING TEST – English Version

The original purpose of the 6 minutes walking test was to assess exercise tolerance in those affected by chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. It’s currently used to measure the functional capacity in other populations like elderly,  special population such as pregnant women ( ), fibromyalgia, scleroderma, arthroplasty, and children as well (in particular obese ones). The 6MWT was developed in 1963 by Balke, during this test, a person supposed to cover a target distance in6 minutes of walking without interruption, the individual is allowed to self-place and rest as needed as they travel back and forth along a marked walkway. The theoretical cover distance might be estimated using a specific formula:   Male: 867-(5,71*age)+(1,03*stature) Female: 525-(2,86*age)+(2,71*stature)-(BMI) People unable to overcome 300 meters (0,660 miles), are considerate high risk of death, thus is considerate a reliable tool to estimate people hospitalization and mortality; it’s also used to detect changes following interventions to improve exercise tolerance for healthy older adults, as well as people with rheumatic conditions. 6MWT is administered in this way: Due to the functional statues difference between participants, the 6MWT may cause a wide difference of performance between people; American Thoracic Society (ATS) provided detailed instruction that highlight


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